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Saturday September 5th


Dear Friends,


The PCC in Stow met on Tuesday this week and for now we did not think we could yet make any better service provision than the ‘new normal’ we have moved towards in recent weeks.

Traditional services will continue to be held in one of the villages at 9.30am on Sundays followed by our on-line ‘Zoom’ gathering at 11.00am and a half-hour Holy Communion in Stow at 12.00noon.


A number of other regular landmarks in our calendar will continue to happen in a revised way. This includes the Annual Ride and Stride event in support of St Edwards and the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust. This will take place on Saturday, 12th September.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the format will be rather different to previous years. In particular, we are suggesting a range of options with something for everyone to join in if they wish. Full details are online at:

In the spirit of ‘Captain Tom’, we would encourage you to think how you might contribute to this year’s special event.


We are also delighted to say that the Christmas Tree Festival will be happening as scheduled from December 10 – 13. There will be fewer trees and social distancing requirements mean that many of the usual larger events cannot be in the programme. Entrance will be by timed-ticket. There will be more details next month.


At this stage, Covid-19 cleaning and safety requirements suggest that we may only be able to offer a limited number of services at Christmas. These services too are likely to be ticketed and details will appear in this Update first. We will hold a Benefice Carol Service on-line so that we can still sing some of our favourites and hear the message of the angels again.


During the Autumn on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm we will resume our mid-week gatherings on-line.  During September we will are offering a virtual Bible Study to look at St Paul’s companion Barnabas. More details of this are below.

From October we will begin to look at the 20 ‘Luminaries’ of the Christian Faith, that Dr Rowan Williams has selected, as significant contributors to our understanding of our faith. More details this are also below.


Now that we are currently allowed into each other’s homes again, I am very happy to receive invitations to visit, to bring Holy Communion at home or to help you to set up Zoom, which clearly is going to a part of Church life for the foreseeable future.  Please call me on 830607.


Stow’s delayed Annual Church Meeting will be on Zoom. You will also be able to access this by phone. This will be at 7.00pm on Tuesday October 27th.


The next planned Update will be leading up to Saturday September 27th.

With my best wishes and prayers. Stay safe.




Autumn Updates

Mid-Week Gatherings  Wednesdays at 7.30pm


September 9, 16, 23 and 30


Dilys Neill writes:

I have always been interested in Barnabas, one of the earliest converts to Christianity. He was originally called Joseph, but was given the name Barnabas, which means ‘Son of Encouragement’ by his friends.  As we read through the book of Acts, we can see why.

This month we can look at Barnabas to see what we can learn from him & to find out how we can all be ‘Sons & Daughters of Encouragement’.

I have a study book in the Cover to Cover series about Barnabas which has a series of studies for small groups. I will condense the material into four sessions which we can share via Zoom during September. I would send out some notes, readings & questions for discussion in advance & I would suggest that each session could be up to an hour long depending on how much people have to say!

If you would like to receive these notes and share in this encouraging time please contact Dilys on


From Wednesday October 7th


Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way by Rowan Williams

Each week we will look at a different one of these people who in Dr Williams view all shed light on how we can live out our faith today.  They are a diverse bunch; some of their contributions are easy to grasp, some less so, but we will be guided to discover together to see how their insights lit the way in their own day and now.

We will begin on October 7th and look at ten Luminaries in the run up to Christmas.  When we resume in the New Year, there will be ten more lives to look at. I will publish a schedule of who we will be looking at on each occasion.

Because each evening is looks at just one person, it is complete in itself. You can join in whenever you are able to, or if you have a particular interest in that week’s person.

The twenty luminaries and themes are:

  • St Paul – A man of passions
  • St Alban – The duty of a Christian
  • St Augustine of Hippo – Teacher of the inner life
  • St Augustine of Canterbury – Apostle to the English
  • St Anselm of Canterbury – The justice of God
  • Meister Eckhart – The mystery of Godness
  • Thomas Cranmer – The word of God is not bound
  • William Tyndale – God and the economy of debt
  • St Teresa of Avila – A lived theology
  • John Milton – From heroism to fidelity
  • William Wilberforce – The moral state
  • Charles Dickens – The truth of exaggeration
  • Florence Nightingale – The light of life
  • Sergei Bulgakov – Politics, art and prayer
  • Edith Stein – Thinking in solidarity
  • Michael Ramsey – True Humanism
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Freedom, necessity, glory
  • Simone Weil – Waiting on God
  • Etty Hillesum – A compulsion to kneel
  • St Oscar Romero – God has injected himself into history

We will be on a varied and interesting weekly journey!

I can supply copies of Dr Williams’ book at the discounted price of £10.00. If you would like one, please email


Annual Parochial Church Meeting Tuesday October 27th at 7.00pm


The PCC have decided that, to include as many people as possible, this year’s delayed Annual Church Meeting will be on-line on the Zoom platform. People who are not on-line will also be able to access this meeting by phone. The APCM will be at 7.00pm on Tuesday October 27th.


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