Ride and Stride

The Ride + Stride 2020 event, organised by the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust, will take place on Saturday, 12th September 2020. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the format will be slightly different than in previous years.

Please consider supporting St Edward’s this year by a sponsored activity, and/or encourage friends/family to do so.

You can do either or both of:

1    Do a sponsored ride (cycle or horse!), walk or drive between churches in Gloucestershire. (In view of Covid-19, most churches won’t be open, but you can take a picture.) Here are some reasonably close churches you might visit:

  • St Paul, Broadwell (12th Century)
  • St James, Longborough (12th Century)
  • St Nicholas, Condicote (12th Century)
  • St Mary's, Upper Swell (12th Century)
  • St Mary's, Lower Swell (12th Century)
  • St. Mary, Lower Slaughter (13th Century)
  • St Peter, Upper Slaughter (12th Century)
  • St Edward's, Stow-on-the-Wold (12th Century)
  • St Lawrence, Bourton-on-the-Water (14th Century)
  • St Lawrence, Wyck Rissington (12th Century)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Icomb (13th Century)
  • St Mary, Westcote (15th Century)
  • St John the Baptist, Great Rissington (12th Century)
  • St Mary Magdalene, Sherborne (13th Century)
  • St Peter, Farmington (15th Century)
  • St Peter & St Paul, Northleach (12th Century)
  • All Saints, Turkdean ((12th Century)
  • St Andrew's, Cold Aston (12th Century)

   Take part in a sponsored event at home (or other suitable location), for example, 100 laps of the garden, paint a painting, ride an exercise bike for 20 minutes or, indeed, anything that you can think of that you can do! (No promise that you’ll be promoted or knighted for your efforts!)

To avoid manual handling, we will not be providing physical sign-up forms as in previous years. Instead, we have set up a St Edward’s fundraising web page at Just Giving

Please request sponsorship as widely as possible to family and friends, rather than simply within the congregation. Indeed, your active children or grandchildren may wish to undertake a sponsored activity themselves, wherever they live.

Ask supporters to donate online, and add Gift Aid if appropriate, at this address:


The funds raised will be split 50/50 between the Trust and St Edward’s. This year, we are dedicating the funds raised to the church updating project, bringing St Edward’s up to date as a welcoming space for worshippers, the community and – we hope - our future visitors from all over the world.

Peter Dixon is acting as local co-ordinator for St Edward’s. If you send him the details of your planned activity by email at giving@stedwardsstow.org.uk, he will add it to the Justgiving page, which also has a link to a short video. Also, various resources and advice are provided at the GHCT website https://ghct.org.uk/ride-and-stride.