Lighting a candle each evening

Lighting a candle each evening


Each night you are invited light a candle in a front window of your home at 7.00pm for 5 – 10 minutes as a reminder that the Light of Christ shine is the present darkness and that this darkness will not overcome it. 

You may also wish to have a prayer focus for each day as you do this.


Monday evening - all those in the NHS and Care services who are putting themselves at risk for others.

Tuesday evening - all those who have contracted the virus, especially those who are seriously ill. and their families.

Wednesday evening -all those who have to continue to face the public to provide essential services - food, medicine, petrol stations and post offices and others. Also those who are working hard to maintain supplies to supermarkets and to the NHS especially farmers, lorry drivers and manufacturer of essential protective clothing.

Thursday evening – all those who are isolated at home, especially the elderly and vulnerable and in thanksgiving for the generosity of spirit of others who help them.

Friday evening - all those who have no work to go to and are facing financial anxiety and an uncertain future.

Saturday evening - all families, who face the challenge of being together for unaccustomed and long periods, especially those who are looking after children - trying to educate and entertain them.

Sunday evening -  the government and those in authority. And also for all of us who are being asked to behave in ways that are unfamiliar and to do so with generosity and compassion.