Covid-19 Virus

COVID -19 Virus

Tuesday March 17th

There has been clear guidance to all Church of England churches on Tuesday 17 March

from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to put public worship on hold

in the coming months to face the challenge of coronavirus.
n response to this, all advertised services in Stow,

Condicote and The Swells are suspended until further notice.


Covid-19 Update for Stow,

Condicote and The Swells

Saturday March 28th


Find out more about:

  • Latest letter from Archbishops and Diocesan Bishops
  • Shut-down of St Edward’s building
  • At home services and resources



Latest letter from Archbishops and Diocesan Bishops


Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast last Tuesday the archbishops and bishops of the Church of England wrote to clergy again on March 27th.

The key paragraphs of their letter say: 

“We want to reiterate the advice we have already sent. The government is asking us to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. We call upon all our churches and church leaders, clergy and lay, to follow this advice.

If Government guidance changes we will consider our own guidance. Our priority is to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. Our prayers are with you all; let us all support one another.

They also commend the digital resources mentioned below.


Shut-down of St Edward’s building


St Edward’s is now closed for the duration of the present emergency. Heating, water and electrics have been turned off in compliance with insurance requirements. We had already put all the service books away. The village churches are shut too.

We look forward to an amazing Saturday working party to restore everything to former glory when we are allowed to so, ahead of a Service of Thanksgiving that will certainly have echoes of Easter and probably the 75th Anniversary VE Day as well.


At home services and resources


National Resources:

Please follow this link to find:

  • A ‘Front Room’ service led by the Archbishop of York
  • Daily Prayers
  • Services to listen to and to print out


Diocesan Resources:

Please follow this link  to find:


  • Messages from our bishops
  • Our bishops in conversation about Covid-19
  • Connection being made in the Digital Age


Local Resources:

Here in our Benefice we are focussing our efforts on offering accessible material particularly with our significant non-digital community in mind.


1 ‘Service in Exile’ on line

Each week we will publish a ‘Service in Exile’ on line. You can see this week’s at:   Each weeks’ ‘Service in Exile’ on line will be uploaded on Saturday and hard copies will be circulated to those who don’t have access on line.


2 ‘Guidance on Spiritual Communion and Coronavirus’ 

The Church of England has also issued a resource recognising the gap caused by missing Holy Communion. This resource which many have already found helpful is called ‘Guidance on Spiritual Communion and Coronavirus’. Hard copies are available for delivery.

You can find this on our webpage at:

This resource is intended to take us to the spiritual heart of a Communion service and join us with Christians everywhere to be nourished by the one who tells us, ‘I am the Bread of Life’.


3 Continuing Prayer and Holy Communion

Although public worship is discontinued, I will continue to say prayers each day and on Sunday I will celebrate a Holy Communion service in the Rectory on behalf of us all.


4  Lighting a candle each evening

Each night you are invited light a candle in a front window of your home at 7.00pm for 5 – 10 minutes as a reminder that the Light of Christ shine is the present darkness and that this darkness will not overcome it. 


5 Reflection and Prayer

I am also offering a short reflection and prayer for those of you who might be missing a sermon to listen to. You can find this online at and with pictures on the Stow on the Wold Covid -19 Facebook page.


The latest news will from the Benefice and the week’s resources will always be at:

All the Rector’s Reflections will be at:


Whenever things are difficult in the weeks ahead, feel free to call the Rectory (830607) for a chat at any time.


Meanwhile, please be assured of my best wishes and prayers,

Keep safe,





This page will be updated regularly

Please visit it for the latest information and support